Dust Extractor

Dust Extractor Machine

We are Manufacturer and exporter of Pharma Machines including dust extractor machine for gathering powder or residue from the cleaning chamber or unit. Our dust extractor Product is utilized to control the rising dust that is consequently produced during the pressure of tablets. It is likewise utilized for different phases of cleaning tasks when combined with dust extractor system.

Construction of Machine

Dust Extractor is suitable for Pharmaceutical, Nutraceutical, Foodstuff Industries. Our Dust Extractor is exclusively designed and engineered with highly advance vacuum technology. Dust Extractor is perfect for connection with machine like auger powder filling machine, rotary tablet press etc. By extracting dust, the operating personnel can work safer in lesser airborne dust.

Lodha International LLP Provide Dust Extractor Machine with the process of extracting the dust from machine during production and keep the area of machine clean.

Advantages of Dust Extractor System

  • Dust Extractor is in accordance with GMP guidelines.
  • Machine can be fully dismantled without tools, for easy & fast cleaning.
  • Very low noise level, user friendly, low maintenance.
  • As the system is mounted on castors it can be handled very easily, and can be quickly connected to the Auger powder filling machine, Rotary Tablet press, or De-duster.
  • Easy integration into process lines-Easy placement and connection to the tablet press.
  • Machine is also available with Flame proof electrical components as optional.
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